Chapter 59.18 RCW Residential Landlord-Tenant Act

Washington Sate has a Residential Landlord-Tenant Act which defines the minimum duties of landlords and tenants of residential dwellings from 1-4 units. These laws also impose certain restrictions and provide remedies if one party fails to carry out a duty. The remedies include eviction, reduced rent, self-help repairs, the right to sue for money damages, and an award of attorney's fees to the successful party. Generally, the provisions of the act may not be waived by the landlord or tenant.

Full Tenant Screen

Tenant Screening Checklist - Property Managers, Landlords and Rental Agencies

Required For Ordering Consumer Reports:

Corporations: Incorporated, S or C Corporation , LLC’s

  1. Accurate Screening Service Agreement
  2. Clearstar Logistics Inc., End User Agreement
  3. Clearstar Logistics Inc., Site Inspection (to be signed at time of inspection)
  4. Letter of Intent (sample attached)
  5. Copy of License
  6. Company Website and/or Yellow Page Ad and/or Email Address

Sole Proprietor or Partnership – In addition to the above the following is required:

  1. Photocopy of government issued ID
  2. Personal Credit Report on the owners or partners(If you are a new business 1 year old or less)
  3. Please include a list of all rental properties

Two of the following items are required in addition to all the above:

  1. Copy of utility or phone bill at the principal location
  2. Copy of lease (commercial) or proof of property ownership
  3.  Proof of commercial and or rental insurance for name listed on service agreement
  4.  Copy of bank statement for principal place of business(page showing name of client/bank)

On-Site Inspection

 A site inspection is required at the principal place of business and     at all sites receiving copies of consumer reports.  Additional fees apply for the site inspection.

OFFICE: 253-588-1863     FAX: 253-588-7642